Recruit new members

1. Postdoctoral researcher (research associate)

We are looking for a postdoctoral fellow who is interested in biomedical applications of carbon/gold/magnetic nanomaterials and high-density lipoproteins.
Please contact us: murakami(at)

We are presently not recruiting for postdoctoral researcher.

2. Graduate and Undergraduate student researchers

We welcome enthusiastic graduate and undergraduate students who are currently enrolled or will enroll in Toyama Prefectural University. Under the collaboration with another members belonging to a Toyama Prefectural University academic department, you will be able to learn (1) manipulation of external stimuli-responsive materials such as carbon/gold/magnetic nanomaterials, (2) genetic and chemical engineering of high-density lipoproteins, and (3) cell-material interactions with them in our group.

Now we have two graduate students from the Imahori group of the engineering graduate course and we collaborate together. Also we cooperate with the Hashida group of graduate school of pharmaceutical sciences and with Mori group of graduate school of engineering by good relations.

Replace (at) by “@”

3. Research staff

We are presently not recruiting for research staff.