About Kanazawa

Kanazawa (金沢), pop. 455,000, the capital of Ishikawa Prefecture, is a veritable storehouse of nature and history. This city, originally a small village, remained for nearly 400 years from 1580 under the control of the Maedas, the second largest clan in feudal Japan, and gradually developed into an important industrial, administrative and cultural center. Kanazawa is one of the few typical castletowns still remaining in Japan. Here, one can see many winding paths and blind alleys which form a labyrinth effectively designed to thwart an enemy's attack. The streets lined on either side with latticed doors and earthen walls remind one of old Japan. The city's scenic beauty is particularly enhanced by the crystal clear waters of the Sai and Asano Rivers flowing through the city.

Kanazawa Sightseeing Map
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