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Elsevier Science: ScienceDirect Biocatalyst Chemistry Japan
Entrez-PubMed BRENDA-The Comprehensive Enzyme Information System
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Elsevier Science: Oasis IUBMB Nomenclature Home Page
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Lycos (Other Laboratories of Biotechnology Research Center, etc.)
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Japan Postal Code Search Ά‘̐G”}‰»Šw•”–ε (Biocatalytic Chemistry)
—X——”ςsi—X•Φ”ԍ†ŒŸυj —L—p•¨ŽΏ’TυHŠw•”–ε (Exploratory Biotechnology Research)
Online Tool-Kyoto Univ. Ά•¨”½‰ž‰»Šw•”–ε (Biofunctional Chemistry)
Online Tool-Tokyo Univ. ‹@”\«H•iHŠw•”–εiFood Science and Technologyj
Online Tool-Lab Velocity A•¨‹@”\HŠw•”–εiPlant and Cell Engineeringj
Library of Toyama Pref Univ. •xŽRŒ§—§‘εŠw}‘ŠΩ (Library of Toyama Prefectural University)
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Atlas of Side-Chain and Main-Chain Hydrogen Bonding ATCC
clustal W EMBL WWW Services
Codon Usage Database ExPASy - SWISS-PROT top page
DBGET/LinkDB Integrated Database Retrieval System GenomeNet WWW server
DDBJ DNA Data Submission System-J Harvard Biological Laboratories - Genome Research
Molscript, Index Image Library of Biological Macromolecules
Protein Data Bank, Index Kazusa DNA Research Institute Home Page
PDB- Osaka Univ. Molecular Evolution
PROCHECK - protein structure checks NCIMB culture collection
RasMol Home Page Pedro's BioMolecular Research Tools
Search using the DBGET system: DNA The ProDom protein domain database
The Principles of Protein Structure using the Internet The National Center for Biotechnology Information
TURBO_FRODO Welcome to the Hampton Research Home Page!
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UCSF MidasPlus
Other Theoretical Chemistry Servers
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Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic @
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