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検索(Search Engine) 酵素(Enzymes)
Elsevier Science: ScienceDirect Biocatalyst Chemistry Japan
Entrez-PubMed BRENDA-The Comprehensive Enzyme Information System
NCBI BLITZ Database Searches
Elsevier Science: Oasis IUBMB Nomenclature Home Page
  Enzyme Structures Database
Search Engine ExPASy - ENZYME
Google Fasta Search Form
AltaVista: Main Page Protein and Nucleic Acid Databases
Home Page of rcaau -- mondou -- 生物工学研究センター他部門、その他
Lycos (Other Laboratories of Biotechnology Research Center, etc.)
MSN Japan  
goo 生物工学研究センター (Biotechnol Res Ctr, Toyama Pref Univ)
Yahoo! JAPAN 酵素化学工学部門 (Enzyme Chemistry)
Japan Postal Code Search 生体触媒化学部門 (Biocatalytic Chemistry)
郵覧飛行(郵便番号検索) 有用物質探索工学部門 (Exploratory Biotechnology Research)
Online Tool-Kyoto Univ. 生物反応化学部門 (Biofunctional Chemistry)
Online Tool-Tokyo Univ. 機能性食品工学部門(Food Science and Technology)
Online Tool-Lab Velocity 植物機能工学部門(Plant and Cell Engineering)
Library of Toyama Pref Univ. 富山県立大学図書館 (Library of Toyama Prefectural University)
構造生物学(Structural Biology) 分子生物検索(Molecular Biology Search)
Atlas of Side-Chain and Main-Chain Hydrogen Bonding ATCC
clustal W EMBL WWW Services
Codon Usage Database ExPASy - SWISS-PROT top page
DBGET/LinkDB Integrated Database Retrieval System GenomeNet WWW server
DDBJ DNA Data Submission System-J Harvard Biological Laboratories - Genome Research
Molscript, Index Image Library of Biological Macromolecules
Protein Data Bank, Index Kazusa DNA Research Institute Home Page
PDB- Osaka Univ. Molecular Evolution
PROCHECK - protein structure checks NCIMB culture collection
RasMol Home Page Pedro's BioMolecular Research Tools
Search using the DBGET system: DNA The ProDom protein domain database
The Principles of Protein Structure using the Internet The National Center for Biotechnology Information
TURBO_FRODO Welcome to the Hampton Research Home Page!
UCSF Computer Graphics Laboratory  
UCSF MidasPlus
Other Theoretical Chemistry Servers
Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic  
Guide for Authors- Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic-  
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ACS International Resources Web Page  
ACSWeb from the American Chemical Society  
American Chemical Society - Home Page  
American Society for Microbiology  
ChemWeb features searchable chemistry journals and databases  
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Free Reprints Highwire  
Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Agrochemistry  
Journal of Biological Chemistry  
Nature Japan Home Page -- Welcome  
The Society for Bioscience and Bioengineering