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Summer School

Opening of a summer school for biopharmaceuticals to be held
only at Toyama Prefectural University.

  1. This is a summer program held with the cooperation of Toyama Prefecture's industry (Pharmaceutical Industry Association), universities, research institutes, and Toyama Prefecture.
  2. The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Engineering and Bioengineering at our university will provide easy-to-understand lectures and analytical training using cutting-edge equipment.
  3. We will give lectures and laboratory training on formulations at the Pharmaceutical Research and Development Center, which Toyama Prefecture is proud of.
  4. Students can take training (as an internship) at a biopharmaceutical manufacturing company in the prefecture.
  5. This is intended for graduates or undergraduates in their 3rd year or above in the Faculty of Science.
    We will provide each student with a subsidy partly.
  6. Special lectures will be provided by professors of the University of Base, Switzerland.

Recruitment Contents and related items

Summer School 2022 of TPU
  1.Intensive biopharmaceutical courses of Summer School
Please refer to the ≪past results≫ at the bottom of this page if you want to know about the outline of biopharmaceutical course(2018-2020)and pharmaceutical engineering courses (2021) of the past Summer School.​



  2.Summer School 2022
Summer School will be held online (with Zoom) from Mon. September 5 through Fri. September 9 this year. The recruitment target is graduates or undergraduates in the 3rd year or above in the Faculty of Science and a capacity is 50 students. The application period is from Fri. July 1 through Mon. August 8, 2022.


2022 curriculum

【Acceptance of application is closed】

Thank you all for your applying.

【Privileges of being a participant of Summer School】
This is a must-see for anyone interested in pharmaceutical companies or the pharmaceutical industry!

  1.Attending a lecture on biopharmaceuticals and manufacturing free, which would normally be charged courses by specialized institutions
  This is a special lecture on biopharmaceutical manufacturing by the 【Biologics Center for Research and Training (BCRET)】

 2.Practical lecture by a lecturer who has been engaged in formulations research at companies that can be utilized in research and after
   employment. Lecturer: Mr. Masaharu Miyajima, Auditors, NanoCarrier Co., Ltd, Visiting Professor of Toyama Prefectural University.

 3.Having online work experience of pharmaceutical companies in Toyama Prefecture!
   【Participate companies:Fuji Chemicals Industrial Co., LtdFuji Chemical Industries Co., LtdAstellas Pharma Tech Co., Ltd
    You can also participate in online work experience by the University of Toyama this year.
   【Participate companies:Kyukyu Pharmaceutical Co., LtdMaeda Pharmaceuticals Industry Co., LtdNitto Medic Co., Ltd

 4.Receiving acertificate of completion
   You can use it as an extracurricular activity for your entry sheet, resume, etc.

 5.Understanding the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical companies, and the pharmaceutical industry in Toyama Prefecture.
   (Toyama, Capital of pharmaceutics)
  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! 

【Acceptance of application is closed】

Thank you all for your applying.

Past Results

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  • 【2022 Online Summer School】

  • 【2021 Online Summer School】

  • 【2020 Online Summer School】

  • 【2019 Summer School】

  • 【2018 Summer school】



Starting with the orientation, you will receive a lecture on the history of medicine in Toyama Prefecture,
some basic knowledge of pharmaceuticals and the basics of quality control of medicines.

  • 入校式
    Entrance ceremony
  • 交流会
    Exchange meeting

Day 4-5

Lectures and laboratory training on biopharmaceuticals will be conducted by professors of Toyama Prefectural University

  • 講義風景
    Lecture scene
  • 実習風景
    Training scene

Day 6-7

Lectures and laboratory training will be given at Toyama Pharmaceutical Research and Development Center

  • 講義風景
    Lecture scene
  • 実習風景
    Training scene

◎Weekends and holidays are off. Why don't you go climbing Mt. Tate or go to the world heritage site of Gokayama?

  • みくりが池
    Mikuriga-ike (Mikuriga pond)
  • 五箇山合掌造り
    Historic Villages of Gokayama

Day 8-9

An internship related to biopharmaceuticals will be implemented at pharmaceutical companies in Toyama Prefecture.

  • インターシップ
    Internship 01
  • インターシップ
    Internship 02
  • インターシップ
    Internship 03

Day 10

A special lecture by a professor of the University of Basel and general discussion to answer questions that arise during the training and laboratory sessions of the summer school.
After that we will give a certificate of completion.

  • 特別講義
    Special Lecture
  • 修了式
    Graduation Ceremony

Lectures and laboratory training at Toyama Prefectural University

↓We are planning the following lectures.

  • Molecular design and manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals
  • Biopharmaceutical laws and quality control
  • Protein analysis by instrument analysis
  • Role of formulation, drug transport, pharmaceutical analysis technology
  • Toyama and medicine (history and modernization, etc.)

↓We are planning the following practical training.

  • Structural analysis of sugar chains by instrument analysis
  • Antibody production by animal cells and antibody purification experiments

Internship-type training

↓We are planning the following lectures

  • At the manufacturing and R&D sites of pharmaceutical companies, we will have a factory tour, discussion with researchers, and practical training in the laboratory.

Record of companies that accepted internships, 2018/2019

  • Yoshindo Inc.
  • FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical Co. Ltd.
  • Nichi-Iko Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.


- Past curriculum -

- Past report -

Please refer to the following reports for the voices of those who participated in the past.