Toyama Pharmaceutical Vally Development Consortium|Toyama Prefectural University


Overview of Toyama Pharmaceutical Valley Development Consortium

In the pharmaceutical industry field, which is the core industry of Toyama Prefecture, this consortium will promote the pharmaceutical industry in Toyama Prefecture and the establishment of young people in the local community by working for R&D and the cultivation of human resources through industry-academic-government collaboration.

Our role and goals as seen from the consortium mission

Our Role

  • providing new formulation technologies for pharmaceutical companies in order to improve the technological and development capabilities of the pharmaceutical industry in Toyama Prefecture
  • enhancing the promotion of industry-academic-government collaboration and R&D capabilities in drug discovery research in Toyama Prefecture
  • transmitting the attractiveness of original drug discovery research not only in Japan but also throughout the world
  • enhancing the brand value of 'Toyama, Capital of Pharmaceutics' by promoting drug discovery research

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Our goals

  • adopting a cross-appointment system, inviting leading researchers and promoting organizational reform in order to become an attractive university where students gather from not only within Japan but also from all over the world.
  • establishing a biomedical research center at the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Engineering Research Center (formerly the Biotechnology Research Center), enhancing the collaboration basis between the Department of Biotechnology and the Department or Pharmaceutical Engineering, expanding the research system, and developing Biopharma specialists
  • establishing a new Master's course and producing Biopharma specialists who will be useful for pharmaceutical companies in Toyama Prefecture

Initiatives in this project

1. adopting a cross-appointment system and inviting leading researchers. See below
2. reorganizing the Biotechnology Research Center into the 'Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Engineering Research Center,' and expanding the Center
3. enhancing the collaboration with the Toyama Prefectural Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Center, and establishing our university's satellite laboratory at the center
4. reorganizing the Biotechnology major in the Master's course into the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Engineering major, and increasing the capacity