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Biopharma Specialist Development

※ This course is for graduate students of TPU


We will strengthen the highly specialized human resources development program in the field of biopharmaceuticals, which is a growing field in the future. The program will be conducted as an extracurricular activity in line with the establishment of the Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering and the reorganization of the graduate school in 2021. We will aim at enriching the content of the program.

Eligible Applicants

The program is aimed at graduate students in a doctoral course (first semester) at the Biotechnology Research Center, who are considering working for a pharmaceutical company in Toyama Prefecture.

Contents of Specialized Education

Special Lecture and Laboratory Training Scenes

Equipment example of laboratory training
1.Peptide structure analysis (Fragmentation analysis by MS)

Learning Peptide structure analysis by ESI/MSn and LC/MC/MS

Implementation Scenes 2022 *Frequently Updated

Lecture Scenes

Training Report Session & Lecture Scenes

Past related materials


  • 2022

  • 2021
  • 2020

  • orientation

  • laboratory training 1

  • laboratory training 2

  • laboratory training 3

  • laboratory training 1

  • laboratory training 2

  • laboratory training 3

  • laboratory training 4

Holding a Training Report Session

(Pharmaceutical companies in the prefecture also participate)

Training Report Session and Lecture Scenes

Part 1 Traing Report Session
  • training report by attendants

  • Q&A session with audience

Part 2 Online Lecture
"Human resources needs related to R&D ・manufacturing of Biopharmaceuticals-Necessary human resources development from now on
  • Lecturer: Mr. Yoshihiro Watanabe
    Chair of the Biopharma Policy Practice Committee, JPMA, CHUGAI PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD

Open seminar



Reference Video (in Japanese)

-Please refer to reports below for contents.-

Biopharma Specialist Development Program

 ※ This curse is for graduate students of TPU

For application
  ① Recruitment period  2021.4.28(Wed) ~2021.5.14(Fri)
  ② Recruitment outline (in Japanese) → Outline
  ③ Befor applying, please consult with your supervisor sout this application.
  ④ Application from here → Application

Toyama prefectural pharmaceutical job fair

There are more than 21 pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in Toyama Prefecture,
these companies come together and hold a job fair at the beginning of March.
You can have an opportunity to hear outlines of companies from HR firsthand and ask them a question.