Toyama Prefectural University Library

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Who can use the University Library?

  1. Students, faculties and staffs of Toyama Pref. University.
  2. Anyone who lives in Toyama prefecture.
  3. Anyone who works in Toyama prefecture.
  4. Any person given special permission by the library director.

A student identification card of TPU serves as your library card.

For others, please come to main counter with your identification card/paper (passport, driver's license) to get your library card.

Borrowing and Returning Books

Borrowing Books

  1. Borrowing Procedures

    Please bring books to the main counter with your library card.

  2. Borrowing Period and Number of volumes
    Period Number of volumes
    TPU Under-graduate students
    TPU Graduate school students
    (Master's course)
    14 days 10 books
    TPU Graduate school students
    (Doctor's course)
    1 month 10 books
    Visitors(*) 14 days 5 books

    (*)Visitors cannot borrow books during the examination periods.

  3. Borrowing period extension

    The borrowing period extension is allowed if nobody is waiting for the book. When one have any overdue book, the request for the rental period extension shall be denied.

  4. Following materials can be used only in the library
    • special collections
    • reference materials
    • periodicals
    • audio-visual materials
  5. Reservation

    You can reserve books with your library card.

Returning Books

Please return books to the main counter.

After office hours, please put books in the Book Post at the right side of the library entrance on the 2F.

  • Please return book on time.

    If you don't return books on time, you are not allowed to borrow another book.

    Please put a check-out card inside the book pocket when you return a book.

  • Please handle library books and equipment with care.

    When you lost or damaged library books or equipment, you will have to pay for the replacement of them. Please report to the librarian at the counter.


  1. Please keep quiet in the library.
  2. Smoking, drinking, and talking on a cellphone are NOT allowed in the library.
  3. Library books and equipment are not allowed to take out without permission.
  4. Please handle library books and equipment with care.
  5. Please follow the librarians' directions in the library.

Other Services


Librarians help you to search books and journals.


Photocopying any part of books and/or journals are not allowed except for research purposes.