Toyama Prefectural University Library

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For Visitors

Who can use the TPU Library?

  • Anyone who lives in Toyama Prefecture.
  • Anyone who works in Toyama Prefecture.

TPU Library Card

Please come to the main counter with your identification (a driver's license, passport, etc.) to get your TPU Library Card.


  • Reading books, journals, newspapers, in the library.
  • Book search using OPAC.
  • Photocopying for research puposes.
  • Borrowing books.(five books, two weeks)

Opening Days and Hours

You can check the opening days and hours on the Four-month Calendar.

Visitors cannot borrow books during the examination periods.

Parking Space

Please park your car at the red-hatched area of the map below.

Parking Space

Click the map to enlarge.


  1. Please Keep quiet int the library.
  2. Don't drink, eat, smoke and talk with mobile phones in the library.
  3. Don't take out any books without permission from the library.
  4. Don't damage books and facilities.
  5. Follow directions of the library staff.


Photocopying any part of books and/or journals are not allowed except for research purposes.