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General Directions

  1. Your student/visitor ID card is necessary to borrow books.
  2. Temporary closing days and changes in opening hours are posted on bulletin boards as well as on the library homepage.
  3. Smoking, drinking, and talking on a cellphone are NOT allowed in the library.
  4. Library books and equipment are not allowed to take out without the proper borrowing procedure.
  5. Please handle library books and equipment with care.
  6. In case of loss/damage library books or equipment, you will have to pay for the replacement of them.
  7. Please follow the librarians' directions in the library.

Searching Books

Searching a Book

You can search a book using the Online Public Access Catalog Arrangement of a library (OPAC) system on terminals in the library.

The OPAC system can be used with your PCs on line. Please check the Library Homepage.

The librarians, of course, help you to find books.

Book arrangement

Books are arranged by subjects based on the Nippon Decimal Classification table (NDC).

Facility guide

Entrance and Exit

  • Please push the entrance bar gently.
  • When the aram rings at the exit, you might be taking books without the proper borrowing procedure or you might be having something detected by the sensor at the gate. Please call the libralians for assistance.

Other facilities

  • Callels (only for the students and faculties)

    Five carrells, personal browsing rooms, are on the 1st floor.

    Two seminar rooms are on the 1st floor.

  • One DVD projection room in on the 2nd floor.
Please ask libralians when you would like to use these rooms.

Copy machines

Two copy machines are available. One is in the library (on-site), another is by the exit (off-site). A dedicated pripaid card, which is avilabel at the Univ. COOP, is required to use the on-site copy machine. The off-site copy machine accepts pripaid card as well as cash payment.

Reference Service

Please contact our librarians when you need any help to find any books, journals, and/or papers.